terms of use

My terms of use are very simple and I will not use any fancy words that could possibly make you unsure of whether I permit usage or not. To put it in as few words as possible: - You may not use anything I have displayed on this site for any purpose.

I can be more specific if some have problems understanding those very simple words:

You may not copy and paste, save, upload, tube, trace, crop, take screen shot, email, sell (or any other ways of making profits), or in any way place my images, poetry, text or design anywhere, may it be online or offline. If you wish for others to see my work, you may place a link on your site to mine, but you may not use anything from my site elsewhere. Anyone who wants to view anything on my site will have to come to my site and view it there as it may only be used by this site, Silent Dreams, and its owner.

Any images not created by me have been credited. These images have been given to me as gifts or purchased and you may not use them. The images I have gotten permission to use are not for you to use either without that owners consent which has nothing to do with my site. Not even a lame excuse as your name being the same as mine or any other name featured in the sections will work. They are not to be used in any way under any circumstances other than by me, the person I made it for or the person that created them. Also, some tutorials have been followed, or outlines used to create some of the images. These have been credited and if you wish to make similar things, please visit those sites.

This is my site, my design, my poetry, my photography and my creations and I have very simple terms of use that I ask you to follow. Please respect that this site and its contents are for my personal display only. Resist the temptation and keep your fingers/mouse to yourself. If you have any questions, please read the terms of use in the various catagories or contact me.

Thank you for respecting my rights.