This page will feature screen shots of the homepage for each of the sites I have designed, as well as a link to the site and a short description of the site. The only exception will be my other site where there will be small thumbnail images of some pages in the private area to show the different designed pages there. These are sites I've either been paid to do, or made for friends. If you're interested in hiring me to make you a template or design your site, please contact me and we can work out the details and price.

The sites below are listed alphabetically.



A personal site covering the owners various interests and hobbies.

The template was made in 2005.

Beyond The Horizons  

Beyond The Horizons

- My other site where you can learn to design your own pages. There are tutorials for Paint Shop Pro and Dreamweaver. HTML codes for layouts, CSS codes, Graphic Items for download etc.

Click to preview some of the templates for pages in the membership section. Templates made in 2005.

Lotus Elan Central  

Lotus Elan Central

- A very helpful resource for Lotus Elan owners and lovers. Plenty of information and tips on pages and in the forum. The forum consists of friendly people and it's never a quiet moment.

The site was redesigned by me in 2005.



- Heather has a cute site where you as a member can download tubes and outlines etc. All images are pixelled. There is also a pixel forum there.

The template is from October 2006.



- Angela is a very talented lady who now has her own www site for her pixel outlines and images.

The template is from 2005, made with Angela's own images.

Silent Dreams Designs  

Silent Dreams Designs

- no longer exists. It will eventually be added to this site.

The template was made in 2003.

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