Out there..

Once more, a day turns into night
Above appears the majestic moon
Guiding with its peaceful light
Will something happen soon?

Could someone out there tell me
How much longer I have to wait?
Maybe it isn't meant to be
Yet I sit and wait up late

Now a reassuring feeling appears
Even after having to wait so long
And shedding a few tears
I know I can't be wrong

Something wonderful is out there
It's just waiting to be discovered
A love so tender and rare
Soon it may be uncovered

I tried to tell you how much I care
Sadly the days were gone so fast
Now I'm sitting here
Wishing for the past

Counting the days, one two three
Tell me when this waiting ends?
Then I think we will be
More than close friends

I wish it would happen tonight
That once again I'd be with you
I would hold you tight
I know you like me too

Silent drifting could drive me mad
But I can see there's land in sight
So it isn't so bad
You and the night

Out there, somewhere...
...just waiting for me

Liz Vefall



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