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marry me


I had a dream..


Marriage was love and care
Awaiting for those that dare
As in my childhood's dreams
But not all is what it seems

A wedding so flowery and white
Bride and groom dancing all night
Some see it filled with hope
Other feel tied up with a rope

An illusion some will call it
Not all in marriage will fit
Is it a promise or is it a lie
To be with someone till they die

Nice to be someone's wife
And remaining so for life
But as it has shown in the past
How can you know it will last?

Wedding planning little girls
Of pretty dresses and slight curls
Then the illusion will be made
And the important parts fade

The goal shouldn't be a ring
Or whatever gifts they bring
Only love should be the key
To the question 'marry me'

Choosing a man to live with
Is sadly not really a myth
But happy you cannot be
Surely that much you see

The decision is clear to me
Only way to actually be free
Someone I cannot live without
Would be my choice, no doubt

Time has come for me to know
Oh, please do answer it now
Would you marry me, my dear
No would be my greatest fear


Now that the day is finally here
I do not care what I am to wear
This ticklish feeling I have inside
Is something I do not want to hide

With the magical words 'I do'
I am giving myself to you
The dream I once had is missing
Faded away with the kissing
Because what I have is true


..but it has changed


©2005, Silent Dreams - All rights reserved
Poem and designs by Liz - Not to be used elsewhere. Image provided by Annie
Page created 7th June 2005

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