Who will see the beauty..

How different everything appears
When you get a chance to look inside
To get to know someone special
And see what they have to hide

It may be something wonderful
Something no one has seen before
And once you get a glimpse of it
You want to know if there's more

Slowly learning every little secret
Maybe of yourself you will share
What you'll see is truly special
Something pure and very rare

Difficult to open up to someone
Be sure to not put on an act
Just be yourself and no one else
Who knows how they'll react

But there is no need to be shy
Most will only ever show a few
And that's what makes it special
The secrets you keep within you

Every heart needs to open up
To tell about what's hidden deep
Trust is the most important factor
To help you take that giant leap

But it really is such a shame
Only a few will be allowed to see
The beauty that lays within thee
But thank you ..
.. for sharing with me

Liz Vefall


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