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It seemed like a normal day
In the forest so deep and green
A sun-kissed morning in May
The most beautiful ever seen

Some young people last night
Were drinking and having fun
Thrown some bottles out of sight
Pieces of glass had made them run

The sun was shining hot and bright
What could happen no one knew
The ground was dry and couldn't fight
It caught on fire in a few

Orange and yellow lit up the sky
Flames were everywhere in sight
The life there was doomed to die
Because some had played at night

Trapped on a path, with nowhere to run
Their eyes reflecting confusion and fright
These flames were hotter than the sun
No chance of escape or survival in sight

Sad it was as they ended up dead
The fire had caught them at last
Hoping the fire wouldn't spread
Instead it had burnt down so fast

All seems dead in the forest once fair
It appears so sad if you do not know
That the fire was not really unfair
And again the forest may grow

It wasn't made to last forever
Or maybe that's just what it is
The forest would die without the fire
A re-creation is now taking place

©2002-2005, Liz Vefall
All rights reserved
Written 14. Sept 2002



©2005, Silent Dreams
Set and poem are not to be used elsewhere
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