Come sit next to me
I know it's late at night
But look into my eyes
i have a story I wish to tell

Oh, tell me what you see
I will nod if you are right
But I cannot use words
I lost my voice when I was unwell

So unwell my mom told me
I caused so much fright
But I did get through it
I felt like I'd been to hell

To hell and back may be
I also nearly lost my sight
But I want you to know
I now appreciate being well

Ah, well, what I now tell thee
I will not let you write
But keep it in your heart
I think else they'd come and yell

They yell and scream at me
I try hard to do things right
But to them I am nothing
I'm just a girl with something to sell

I sell ribbons for a fee
I think they look better bright
But not too many will buy
I know why, coz their eyes tell

Eyes tell stories you see
I know what you've seen in mine tonight
But no others will know
I always hide it well

And well, you know I'm not free
I against destiny will fight
But I know I won't win
My life could be my sin
I can and will decide what I sell

©2004, Liz Vefall
Not to be used elsewhere