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enchanted seduction



The secretive little ray
Travelling from the sun
It is dancing all the way
A journey's just begun

What could the purpose be
The motive's hidden well
The results you can see
Everything wants to tell

Flowers, humans and bees
Are affected by the rays
So are the plants and trees
In the spring's calming days

Surely the rays are flirting
But with whom, where and why?
It tends to stop the hurting
Caused by the littlest lie

Everywhere around you
The little ray will succeed
And what is now this clue
That the love it will feed

Enchanted mix of light
Seducing you and I
Oh what a beautiful sight
That meets the hungry eye

A magical spring it is
The same every year
That causes a calm bliss
Of romance in the air

Soon it may be missing
The summer is on its way
Spring sealed with kissing
Caused by an enchanted ray



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Page created 13. May 2005

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