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Welcome to the photography section of Silent Dreams

I have never been much into photography, I'm one of those that forget to take the camera with me when I go somewhere. Yet, the past few months I have been borrowing a camera and taken some photos and some of them I've been rather pleased with. I eventually ended up with buying myself a camara like the one I had borrowed because I liked it so much. For this reason, I thought I could show off some of them on this site, in case anyone would be interested in looking around. The photos have only been cropped and resized - no touch ups have been made.

Being a web designer, I'm interested in taking photos for that kind of usage, and not for each photo's own sake. I have not read up on photography and like most other people I just take pictures. Fortunately the photos have been taken with a good camera and I've been able to make several pages with these. This section of Silent Dreams has been designed with my own photos.

Each of the pages with photography in this section will contain small thumbnail images. There is a great deal of theft going on and many use whatever photos they can come across and not caring the slightest if they do indeed have permission to use the photos or not. For that reason, I have decided that at this point, I will not put up bigger versions of my photos. Sadly, this will make it harder to spot details and see what they would look like in full size versions. Please do note that I do not permit usage of these photos in any way and the Terms of Use page will provide more details.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy looking around on my site and hopefully find some photos that you like. At the moment there will be mainly photos of flowers, animals, landscape and buildings, as that is what I have taken the most photos of so far. The photos are taken in England and Norway.

- Liz

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